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Working and Sport dogs; Happy pups or slaves to society?

Working dogs sledding

As a pet owner, you may have seen working and sport dogs in action, whether it’s a police dog sniffing out drugs or a hunting dog retrieving game. These dogs are bred for specific tasks and excel in their roles due to their innate abilities and training. However, you may wonder if these dogs truly enjoy their work or if they are forced to do so. The truth is that working and sport dogs are bred to do what they do and often find great satisfaction in their tasks.

Working dogs, such as police dogs and search and rescue dogs, are bred to have a strong work drive and an intense desire to please their handlers. These dogs are selected for their natural abilities, such as their sense of smell or their ability to track, and are then trained to use these abilities to perform their jobs. Working dogs often have a strong bond with their handlers, which further motivates them to perform well.


Sport dogs, such as hunting dogs and agility dogs, are also bred for their specific tasks. Hunting dogs, for example, are bred to have a strong prey drive and an ability to track and retrieve game. Agility dogs are bred for their speed and agility, as well as their ability to follow their handlers’ commands. These dogs are often highly motivated to perform well and often find great enjoyment in their tasks.
It’s important to remember that working and sport dogs are not forced to perform these tasks. They are bred to have a natural desire to do so and usually trained in a positive and rewarding manner. Many working and sport dogs are trained using play and other positive reinforcement methods, which further reinforces their enjoyment of their work.
Sport dogs
Working dogs
In fact, many working and sport dogs thrive on their jobs and find great satisfaction in using their natural abilities. These dogs often have high energy levels and need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, which working and sport activities provide. By allowing these dogs to do what they were bred to do, owners are providing them with an outlet for their natural drives and instincts. Dogs with these outlets are far less likely to suffer from behavioural problems and anxiety issues. Maybe it’s time to try out a sport with your pooch?