WAUDOG Rolled Leather Collar in Purple


The Glamour dog collar by WAUDOG is a perfect choice for fashionistas. Rolled leather dog collar will adorn your dog’s neck like an elegant necklace while the durability will pleasantly surprise you!

Colours available: Red, Black, Yellow, Lime green, Mint, Purple, Pink, Orange, Blue

Other colours:


DURABLE YET FLEXIBLE— It’s reinforced with the inner cord sandwiched between leather to make this collar last for a really long time. Gentle and pleasant to the touch, it’s a perfect decision for dogs with sensitive skin.

WELL-MADE — The edges of this collar are meticulously stitched with a heavy-duty thread. Thanks to it, the collar retains its shape for a long time and can handle almost everything.

SMART QR TAG — It’s a modern digital solution for your dog’s safety. This pet tag has a QR code on it that leads to a multifunctional mobile app.

VIVID COLORS— It’s available in nine vibrant colors that will be a stylish addition to any look. The collar looks expensive and elegant thanks to the texture of the material.

RELIABLE METAL CLASP — Made of durable metal, this clasp can handle any load without breaking or opening. Also, it’s resistant to scratches, rust, and other damage — the clasp always looks like new.