‘WAUDOG’ Nylon Design Collection “Unicorn” Harness


Designed for everyday wear, the nylon overhead harness by WAUDOG will accompany your pup in all the adventures of your daily walks. Our stylish step-in harness comes in a variety of prints and sizes so that you can find just the right one for your dog.

  • ANATOMICALLY CORRECT DESIGN — The harness is designed to be completely harmless for your pet’s health. It distributes the load allowing your dog to always feel comfy. And a handle on the back will let you have full control over your pooch.
  • FADE-RESISTANT PRINTMADE OF SILKY-SMOOTH AND DURABLE NYLON — This lightweight extremely wear- and tear-resistant material makes sure the harness will make you happy for a very long time. Its silky finish and flexibility bring your pup improved comfort and protect the fur.
  • HIGHT-TECH PRINTING TECHNOLOGY — You can be sure that the design you love will remain just as vivid and eye-catching for a very long time! We use advanced printing technology that ensures fade-proof and rich colors.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR— Nylon doesn’t get dirty easily. But even if it does, it’s effortless to wash this harness. Moreover, it dries very quickly! So your dog’s favorite harness will be ready for new adventures when the time for the next walk comes.
  • RELIABLE PLASTIC BUCKLE — Made of sturdy plastic, this lightweight yet very durable buckle will safely keep the harness on your dog’s body no matter what. The buckle is reinforced with a lock for improved reliability.
  • SMART ID TAG— Have greater peace of mind with this modern digital solution for your pet’s safety! This Smart ID Tag comes with a unique QR code and a free multifunctional app to make sure you WILL find your dog if he or she decides to experience more freedom.”