‘WAUDOG’ Nylon Design Collection Green Design Lead


Tell the world about your special interest with this collection of leashes by WAUDOG! Enjoy vivid and eye-catching designs that feel like you and let this leash become an ice-breaker between you and your fellow dog owners. There are way more people that share your interest than you might think!

  • MADE OF SILKY-SMOOTH AND DURABLE NYLON — This lightweight extremely wear- and tear-resistant material makes sure the leash will make you happy for a very long time. Its silky finish and flexibility will bring you advanced comfort during the walks. You’ll love holding this leash in your hands!
  • HIGHT-TECH PRINTING TECHNOLOGY— You can be sure that the design you love will remain just as vivid and eye-catching for a very long time! We use advanced printing technology that ensures fade-proof and rich colors.
  • EASY TO CARE FOR — Nylon doesn’t get dirty easily. But even if it does, it’s effortless to wash this leash. Moreover, it dries very quickly! So your favorite leash will be ready for new adventures when the time for the next walk comes.
  • RELIABLE HARDWARE METAL CLIP — The metal clip is very easy to use and extremely durable. It can handle even heavy tuggers and it never opens by itself. With this leash, you can be sure no incidents happen and your dog will always be next to you.