A ball Like(r) no other! Perfect encouraging and motivation toy for dogs.
It’s lightweight, harmless, floats, and easy to see and fetch in all conditions.

LIKER is lightweight and easy to throw. A specially designed shape causes LIKER to change its flight direction slightly and makes for an interactive and exciting game for your dog. Compared to a tennis ball, you won’t need to worry about breaking any windows with the lightweight LIKER.

Make the water more interesting for your dog. LIKER does not sink and floats almost entirely above the water surface. It is especially good to use it if your dog does not like swimming. It will be easy to teach your dog to love the water with LIKER.

The unique material of LIKER is non-toxic; it can be easily bitten and it does not hurt the teeth and gums of your dog. You and your dog can not be hurt by the ball because the material is elastic, but soft . LIKER is useful for your dog’s teeth. Sinking inside the material, the dog’s teeth get cleaned. The dirty ball can be easily washed. The dirt does not linger on its surface. It means that bacteria will not get into the dog’s mouth.

LIKER is difficult to lose! It will not sink into the snow; it will be seen in the grass and it will not sink in the water. And you will notice its colour even in the most overcast day.

We recommend you to hide Liker after the game. In this case your dog will have a huge interest for the ball and every new game will start with a great excitement.

We recommend to play under supervision. Take care of your pet does not to swallow the ball or its parts.