Dog’s First AC4


Contains ingredients that may assist in the fight against cancer

AC4 contains 4 seaweeds which each have been clinically proven to be effective in the fight against cancer…

  • Contains seaweeds and 1 red moss, each proven to be effective in the fight against cancer
  • Air dried to preserve the bioactive bits
  • Organic, wild, Irish

You have to be very careful with claims concerning cancer. The organic, sustainably harvested seaweeds and mosses used in this product have been selected based on the results of the numerous clinical studies which we go through here. Each of the seaweeds chosen has been shown to be anti-tumour / anti-cancer in a range of clinical animal studies, largely rats. We absolutely cannot make any claims after this. We let the science speak for itself and sincerely hope it will help. There are no known drug clashes so far for AC4 and, in our opinion, it can be used alongside any recommended conventional treatments (but please consult with a good vet first).