“Do Not Pet” Dog Multi Lead / Leash


The “DO NOT PET” interchangeable lead is printed with a clear pattern. You can be sure that it will be very visible and easy to read, even from a distance! The strong and sturdy snap hook ensures that your dog will not dislodge himself from the leash. Thanks to the leash with indelible, warning inscription, walks will be pleasant, comfortable and safe!

The ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ clip-on leash for dogs is available in 2 sizes:

Width of the leash Total length
2,0 cm (medium) 220 cm
3,0 cm (large) 220 cm
The yellow intertwining dog leash from the “”Do Not Pet”” collection will help you keep your pet comfortable and safe!

After all, there are many reasons why we don’t want anyone approaching our pet:
it is a working and assistance dog, e.g.

-it is a guide dog,
-it’s in training and we don’t want to be disturbed,
-it just doesn’t like to be touched by strangers,
-a bitch, e.g. a breeding bitch, is in heat,
-your pet has just had a surgery or during treatment,
-it is an elderly, infirm dog for whom we want to ensure a peaceful old age,
-your dog is fearful and timid and cannot tolerate contact with strangers or dogs,
-it is a puppy or a young dog that has just joined our family and is still in quarantine,
-the pet you are walking is a dog from a shelter, is still distrustful and you are still learning about each other,
-your pet shows aggressive behaviour towards strangers and dogs.
Harnesses, leashes and collars with “”DO NOT TOUCH”” tape will help you communicate with other walkers.”