“Do Not Pet” Dog Harness


The “”DO NOT PET”” webbing dog harness is designed for dogs that simply don’t want to be touched on walks.

The clear print on the tape makes the inscription, as well as the signs, very visible. Reading the message is therefore very easy!

The yellow dog harness is infinitely adjustable in 3 places:

two buckles each for adjustment around your pet’s neck,
stepless adjustment on the strap behind your pet’s front paws.
These harnesses are ideal for all dogs, because they do not restrict movement of the pet and it is difficult to get out of them. They are perfect for everyday walks for all medium and large breed dogs. Solid fittings and strong buckles guarantee that your dog will be safe in them. The harness is easily worn over the dog’s head and fastened with a convenient buckle behind the front paws.

Yellow “”DON’T TOUCH”” harnesses for dogs are available in 3 sizes:

Size Chest circumference behind the front paws Dog’s neck circumference
S/M 24 – 45 cm 22 – 35 cm
L 38 – 70 cm 29 – 48 cm
XL 55 – 100 cm 45 – 75 cm

The dog harness from the “”Do Not Touch”” collection will help dog owners keep their pooch comfortable and safe!

After all, there are many reasons why we do not want anyone to get close to our pet:

-it’s a working and assistance dog, e.g. it’s a guide dog,
-it’s in training and we don’t want to be disturbed,
-it just doesn’t like to be touched by strangers,
-a bitch, e.g. a breeding bitch, is in heat,
-your pet has just surgery or is during treatment,
-it is an older, infirm dog for whom we want to ensure a peaceful old age,
-your dog is fearful and timid and cannot tolerate contact with strangers or dogs,
-it is a puppy or a young dog that has just joined our family and is still in quarantine,
-the pet you are walking is a dog from a shelter, is still distrustful and you are still learning about each other,
-your pet shows aggressive behaviour towards strangers and dogs.
-Harnesses, leashes and collars with “”DO NOT PET”” tape will help make it easier for you to communicate with other walkers.