DeNeem | Highly effective natural flea and mite killer


“Contains Codex (Food Grade) Diatomaceous Earth and Organic Neem
Kills fleas, ticks, mites, ants, bed bugs, lice and red mite as well as gut worms (adults and larva)

Mechanical mode of action so bugs cannot build up a tolerance
100% Natural and Environmentally Friendly
Safe for Pets & Humans (though do outside, it’s very fine dust!)

DeNeem is a unique, entirely natural product that kills bugs mechanically and it’s 100% effective…

DeNeem is a highly effective non-toxic alternative to pesticides. It kills fleas, ticks, mites, ants, bed bugs, lice and redmite as well as gut worms (adults and larva). It’s entirely natural (is in fact Codex Food Grade) working mechanically to kill the bugs not chemically, meaning it is not only 100% effective it is also 100% safe to you and your pet and environmentally friendly as well! It’s so effective that if it doesn’t work to kill a critter on the list above, you get your money back. Simple and no quibble.

How to use DeNeem…If you have a problem with your pet it’s best to treat pet and home at the same time, killing adults and eggs at the same time. Dust your pet as if you were applying talk to their coats. Pay particular attention to their the base of their tail, back, armpits, behind ears, everywhere really. Sprinkle on their bedding, the floor underneath, your carpet, along floorboards, low lying cupboards, everywhere. Leave for 2-3 days and vacuum. Please go easy with the amount you use in your house. DeNeem kills baddies but can do in your vacuum if you use too way much. For severe infestations, you may need to apply several times during the course of a month as these little baddies could be literally anywhere. Moreover, their eggs hatch 7 – 21 days later, so a month will cover any adults you miss.

Please note…
This powder is very fine. It is easily applied by hand but maybe wear a glove or it dries your hand out like talc. A puffer bottle is best. Until recently we have a puffer bottle for sale with this product. However, it is simply too bulky to post internationally, making the postage charges too high. Most folk are using a 500ml plastic bottle and making a hole in the top to squirt the powder through. Here’s a (pretty poor)

Anyone with lung issues please use a mask!