Antler Full Dog Chew


High-quality antler snack for dogs of any breed or size

  • Natural chewing pleasure: inspired by a dog’s natural behavioural instincts
  • For dogs with strong jaws
  • Tooth maintenance: the robust non-splintering pieces of antler are ideal for mechanically cleaning your dog’s teeth, as well as strengthening teeth and gums
  • Gathered in an environmentally-friendly way: a sustainable and renewable commodity that is hand-collected on foot, in order to protect the natural habitat of the animals
  • Rich in natural minerals and nutrients: with iron, phosphorus, sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, all in an ideal ratio

Small Size: 50g-100g

Medium Size: 100g-150g

Large Size: 150g-200g

XL Size: 300g-450g