AC4 | Naturally assists in the fight with cancer in your pet.


AC4 contains a proprietary blend of sustainably harvested seaweeds and one red moss. Each has been proven effective in the fight against cancer (in humans and rats). We do not make any claims beyond this. As a potent antioxidative and anti-inflammatory and considering the sheer nutritional kick in seaweed, we do believe AC4 would make an excellent accompaniment to most conventional treatments but please ask your vet if on conventional medicines.

What is AC4 and how does it work?

You have to be very careful with claims concerning cancer. The organic, sustainably harvested seaweeds and mosses used in this product have been selected based on the results of the numerous clinical studies which we go through here.

The seaweeds used in Ac4 have been shown to be anti-tumour / anti-cancer in a range of clinical animal studies, largely rats (see table below). We absolutely cannot make any claims after this. We let the science speak for itself and sincerely hope it will help. (Stats pciture needs to be inserted here.)

When you should NOT use AC4…

There are no known drug clashes so far for AC4 and, in our opinion, it can be used alongside any recommended conventional treatments (but please consult with a good vet first). However, AC4 IS a potent anti-inflammatory so if your vets is using further anti-inflammatories please ensure to remind them they are using Ac4.

Further, we do not recommend to use Ac4 in pets with HYPERthyroid issues.